Owner, Allure Dance in Downtown Orlando & the UCF area

As the owner and lead instructor of Allure Dance in Downtown Orlando and UCF, I am proud to bring my expertise as an instructor & trainer, especially my passion for helping others get fit, to this amazing community of women.

I grew up in Winter Park my whole life. Starting at the age of 5, I discovered my passion for fitness. I spent my young life as a competitive gymnast and cheerleader, traveling all over the nation performing gravity defying acts and staying fit while doing so.  It taught me so much about living a healthy lifestyle, inside and outside.

Ultimately, in using my background in both the business world and in the health and fitness industry, I’ve always felt compelled to address the lack of compliance and boredom many struggle with, and the detriment to the health and wellness of my fellow ladies because of it. We are the game changers in our circles of influence- with the power to not only improve our health but those around us as well! I never thought this passion would lead to me, a local gal, owning Allure dance and fitness- the most prestigious female fitness studio in Orlando.

Ladies, I believe Allure can be that safe haven you need to do more than just work out and have fun, but also to unleash your inner diva & confidence! Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever you’re going through- Allure will be a place where you can be the best you, have a blast and burn calories too! Now is the time to improve your health, physical and emotional… To lead your home, classroom, workplace and be the woman you want to be!

Allure Dance: Where you can feel safe to let go, have fun and bring out your beautiful sexy side while getting fit and toned. No perfect people allowed- come anytime, just as you are… and we’ll be ready to dance and get fit with you!

ALL levels welcome- ALL classes- ALL the fun you can have in a workout!

“You deserve to look this good!” xoxo KK