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Our boutique ONLINE studio specializes in feminine movement and offers many empowering classes… Get addicted to your best way to ditch the gym, and have fun with your workout! Whether you’re looking for a safe way to reclaim your sexy or simply looking for an alternative workout, you’ll find your FIT here at Allure Online!

You’ll fit right into our soulful sisterhood ❤️ Just choose a class and snag instant access to our LIVE, online classes! We recommend starting with any of our classes- feel free to take as many as you’d like with our UNLIMITED week- it’s only $35!

Our $35 UNLIMITED week is priced so you’ll get your money’s worth in just 2+ LIVE, online and on demand sessions!

We recommend that you take your second class within 24 hours, really!

We know you’re busy and life happens but the recommendation comes from years of building a thriving community of happy, healthy people. Planning ahead and making sure you enjoy more than just one or two classes, will help you get over initial soreness and start getting strong, flexible and sexy back… quickly! More importantly, it will provide you the consistency and results that you’ve likely been looking for without having to go to the stinky, lame (traditional) gym.

Join our ‘Addicted to Allure’ Challenge and take 10 classes as quickly as possible to feel the difference between getting FIT and having FUN! Bonus: You will be safe, healthy + happy here with our virtual classes made for Y-O-U!

You are a gorgeous, vivacious woman who deserves to feel (and look!) great! Work, kids, obligations got you feeling blah? Come dance with us! NOW IS THE TIME BEAUTIFUL!

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xoxo the Allure Team

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