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We know how intimidating it can be to come in for the first time. Invite a friend and they get BOGO too! Or come make new friends and come on your own! We can't wait to meet you… No perfect people allowed. We specialize in beginners. All ages, shapes and sizes!.Space is limited. We want to dance, spin and fly with you! GET FIT, HAVE FUN.

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We love that you are considering coming to visit us! Our frequently asked questions may be helpful in answering any preliminary questions you may have.

We look forward to meeting you! At Allure, everything we do is centered on empowering our clients and members.  Here are just a few things to make sure you make the most out of your first visit:

How to sign up for your first class:

  • Sign up online- it’s easy! This is your option if you are paying with: Groupon/LivingSocial, Free Class card etc.
  • STEP 1- Click on the class schedule tab at the top of our website menu
  • STEP 2- Click on “Sign up now!” for the class you plan to attend
  • STEP 3– Once you have chosen your class and signed the liability waiver: either pay directly online for a single class, class pass, or membership, or click the option to  “register as unpaid“– this means that you can come in without any payment or voucher information being handled until you get here. See you soon!

Note- our schedule is always “live”- meaning it is always accurate and the best source of information on what classes we offer and when they are each day, every day!

What classes to take for the first time & in the first month:

  • Many of our classes at Allure Dance are for ALL levels, meaning we tailor each class to your fitness level as needed- no experience is necessary! We specialize in beginners!  Intro to “Virgins” pole is the beginning of your journey into pole fitness. This will be the class for anyone new to the studio (without a pole fitness background) for at least 8-12 weeks in order to master the skills needed to progress to Pole 1, Pole 2, Pole 3, and Pole 4.
  • Also, any class that says beginner, aerial, cardio, yoga, Pilates, barre and dance are also wonderful choices to take for the first time. They allow you to get acquainted with the studio, build strength through cross-training, and to have a good number of different times and days to suit any schedule! Need a recommendation? Call/text us anytime at 407 425 5873

What to bring:

  • Yourself (and a friend  if you can- it’s always more fun that way!), your drivers license, payment method: cash, credit/debit, promotion vouchers (if applicable) etc.

When to arrive:

  • Please arrive about 15 min early so we can give you a proper tour & orientation, complete your paperwork  and prepare for class!

Where to Park:

  • Parking is easy to obtain, but may be a little confusing your first time here! We want to make it easy on you.
  • Downtown location: Allure clients can park in front of the studio along the street, on the side of the building by Bead Bar, and there is parking in the back of the studio!
  • UCF location: We are located right next to Hummus House in the University Blvd shopping plaza that has Lazy Moon Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery etc. Allure clients can park in front of the building, along the side by Hummus House, and there is tons of overflow parking in the back of this shopping center!

What to Expect:

  • We know you are going to LOVE it here. We make this promise to you:
  • You will have fun.
  • You will burn calories.
  • You will smile and laugh.
  • You will want to come back.
  • You will feel empowered.

What to wear:

  • This depends on the class, but it really is up to you and your comfort level.
  • For aerial classes we recommend yoga style clothing and capris or leggings/pants.
  • Cardio/Yoga/Fitness classes require any traditional exercise attire & athletic sneakers.
  • Pole dance classes really need you to have as much skin out as possible so you can “stick” to the pole: we often host those classes in shorts, tanks and of course some sexy pole heels!  Also for pole classes, you will need specialized pole grip to help you to get a better grasp on the pole- it is an essential to keeping you safe and spinning. We do not allow you to bring in your own shoes (they ruin our floors!), however we offer shoe rentals for only $5 so you can try before you buy! Classes can always be done barefoot as well.
  • We also sell attire and all needed items in our Allure Dance boutique for your shopping pleasure. Come in and we’ll make some suggestions to get you ready!
  • Call/text us with any further questions: 407 4ALLURE

What to buy:

  • You will need a bottle of pole grip upon your first visit. We sell it at the studio, and you can purchase it when you get here! Pole grip is like liquid gloves for you to be able to grip the pole better and keep your hands from any harm. A bottle will last you quite a while so it is a worthwhile and very low cost investment at less than $20!
  • Any clothing you may need such as boy shorts, pole shoes can be found in the Allure boutique at either studio in Downtown Orlando or UCF area for only $5. Come a few minutes early before your class and you’re welcome to browse around.

What age can take classes at Allure:

  • We are pleased to welcome ladies all ages, from 12 and up, to try our aerial silks, lyra (aerial hoop), aerial yoga classes, barre, dance and fitness classes.
  • All other classes (particularly pole fitness) at the studios are for adults ages 18+and young ladies under 18 with parental waiver and consent signed.
  • There is no such thing as being “too old” to pole or get fit! Let us prove that to you in class